Author: Ankush Sharma

Lung Cancer Treatment in COVID-19 – Precautions and Guidance

The Covid-19 crisis has changed the global situation. Life has shifted into a new normal, and we all had to adjust. Businesses shattered, people lost their jobs, the education industry stopped, and a substantial transformation happened worldwide. But the most affected sector is the medical industry. When countless covid-19 patients are crowding in the hospitals, […]

Best Non-Surgical Procedures and Treatments for Coronary Heart Diseases in India

When seen in the context of available treatment options for heart diseases, surgery is what comes into the mind in a flash. But patients and for that matter, everyone must remember that not all the coronary heart diseases require conventional surgical methods like open-heart surgery or heart transplantation to effectively treat them, especially when you […]

Can Depression Increase Your Risk for Heart Disease? | Dr Gokhale

It has been a long established fact that the heart diseases and mental health of a patient are closely related to each other. The growing body of research on the nexus between heart diseases and mental health conditions further has shed a focus light on this dangerous connection giving more information on the causes, risk […]

World Cancer Day Feb 04 2021 | Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad

World Cancer Day is celebrated to honor numerous men and women who have recovered and fallen to the issues related to Cancer. It is not that we have not seen any light of hope. Medical science has progressed, and we have become more united to fight against cancer. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has made us […]

Best Treatment Procedures for Pharmacological Respiratory Disorders

Dealing with respiratory disorders can give the toughest time with shortness of breath, uncomforting arm or chest pain, and many other symptoms. Diseases like asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Chronic cough, Lung Cancer, etc are commonly known respiratory diseases. Some of the causes of respiratory diseases are: Smoking tobacco Infections Chained tobacco smoking Exposure […]

6 Best Exercises to Strengthen Your Heart

Heart diseases are one of the most common ailments among adults, especially with unhealthy food consumption patterns. It can be tough to restrict oneself to a regular diet, however, maintaining your body weight and implementing increased activities can surely boost your heart health. With times pacing towards growing importance extended to fitness through nutritious food […]

Are Heart Patients at Higher Risk of COVID 19?

Post arrival of the Pandemic COVID 19, the world is in mayhem with a deliberate battle against the deadly spreading virus. With the medical practitioners and other essential workers exhibiting undying patience, there is a renewed hope of recovery. Despite the unanticipated recession, job loss, and mental illnesses taking over, the general public has shown […]

Combined Heart & Lung Transplant Surgery | Importance and Recovery Procedure

Combined heart and lung transplant surgery is one of the major and rare transplantation procedure where both deceased heart and lungs are transplanted with the healthy ones of a recently deceased donor. This transplantation surgery is performed as a last resort when all the other treatments procedures fail to improve to quality of life or […]

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Treatment Procedures in Hyderabad

Affecting more than 332 million people around the world, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is now considered one of the major health conditions that are suffered by people today. Low to middle-income countries especially, bear the brunt of these progressive lung disease conditions owing to a toxic environment, increased tobacco usage, lack of awareness about COPD […]

World Pneumonia Day 2020 | Foods That Can Reduce Pneumonia Risk & Improve Recovery

Cough, chills, fever and difficulty in breathing are the symptoms of COVID-19 which everyone is now made well aware today. But there exists another lung condition that has been around for thousands of years that carry similar symptoms and also induce similar health risk and it is called as Pneumonia. Pneumonia – A Global Medical […]