Author: Ankush Sharma

Causes of Low Blood Pressure After Heart Surgery

3 Causes of Low Blood Pressure after Heart Surgery:  Every surgery comes with its own potential sets of minor complications which are easily taken care of by your surgeon. Low blood pressure after heart surgery is one such risk. The blood pressure can rise or drop during or after the surgery for a variety of […]

Healthy Habits to Keep your Kids Heart Healthy

3 Simple yet Powerful Habits to Keep Your Kids Heart Healthy:    Obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, and high blood pressure are some of the risk factors that have a direct relationship with the incidence of cardiac diseases that are leading causes of death worldwide. And the seeds of all these problems are sown early in […]

Your Heart Needs More Sleep!, How Lack of Sleep Affect Heart?

Lack of Sleep Can Doubles the Risk of Heart Disease, Here’s How: Sleep, Exercise, and Nutrition are the three pillars of a healthy life. The quality and quantity of sleep, exercise, and nutrition directly impact the vitality of our day to day health. While exercise and nutrition give the brawn our body needs, sleep helps […]

36 Successful Heart Transplant Surgeries by Dr. Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale

Heart Transplantation is the gold standard for treating patients with end-stage heart diseases around the world. Despite being a developing country, our Indian doctors are second to none in performing successful heart transplant procedures. And with staggering 36 successful heart transplant surgeries to date, Padma Shri Awardee Dr. Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale is one is […]

Stage of Heart Failure & Criteria for Heart Transplantation

The heart is the engine of the human body. Every minute it pumps more than 4.5 litres of blood through our body, beating around 1000,000 times a day. It is amazingly resilient and the hardest working muscle in the human body that works like a clockwork despite all the hardships we subject our body to. […]

Life after Lung Transplantation – Important Tips for Better Recovery

Lung transplant procedures have successfully given a new lease of life to countless people worldwide. Patients claim that the procedure is a life-changing experience that instils hope and gives a new outlook at life. Does that mean you kick-start and jump right into your new life right after the discharge? Not exactly. Your body needs […]

Tips to Reduce the Effect of Humidity on COPD Symptoms

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder is a group of lung diseases that make it harder for patients to breathe. And the weather can significantly impact the symptoms of the COPD experienced by the patients to the point that most COPD patients can predict the weather based on their breathing conditions alone. Especially, the humidity levels around […]

Do Menopausal Women Suffer an Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease?

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in women accounting for almost half of all deaths in women above age 50 (menopause). The relation between the menopause and the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases has been studied for a long time now and empirical evidence by cardiovascular specialists around the world suggest that the […]

Three Tips to Keep your Asthma Under Control

Incessant coughing, shortness of breath or troubled breathing, chest tightness, difficulty in talking are some of the signs of an asthma attack which can be fatal if the attack is severe. “Though a leading chronic disease in children, asthma can arise in people of any age”, say the lung specialists. Over 2 crore Indians suffer […]

What are Platelets? How are Platelets and Cardiovascular Diseases Related?

A network of blood vessels which vary from 1 inch to 8 micrometres in size run through each every corner of your body carrying the blood, to & from the heart. A minor cut or scrape on your skin can damage these tiny blood vessels leading to blood loss. In addition to blood loss that […]