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Do Menopausal Women Suffer an Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease?

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in women accounting for almost half of all deaths in women above age 50 (menopause). The relation between the menopause and the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases has been studied for a long time now and empirical evidence by cardiovascular specialists around the world suggest that the […]

What are Platelets? How are Platelets and Cardiovascular Diseases Related?

A network of blood vessels which vary from 1 inch to 8 micrometres in size run through each every corner of your body carrying the blood, to & from the heart. A minor cut or scrape on your skin can damage these tiny blood vessels leading to blood loss. In addition to blood loss that […]

World Heart Day 2019: The World’s Leading Cause of Death is The Disease That You Ignore Everyday!

Have you ever wondered what could be the leading cause of the deaths in the world right now? It is quite common that you would imagine a mysterious incurable disease, but conditions like HIV doesn’t even make to the list. Serious medical conditions like Stroke, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Respiratory infections, chronic pulmonary diseases are some of […]