Healthy Food for Healthy Heart

Hygiene and Diet Tips for a Healthy Heart During the Monsoons

Monsoons have arrived just at the right time to provide us a cool break from the scorching summer. However, the cool monsoons also bring a host of woes by increasing the risk of common health problems like cold, cough, flu, and viral fever if proper care is not taken. While heavy rains and stagnant rainwater […]

Heart Healthy Breakfast Foods to Reduce Blood Pressure

4 Heart Healthy Breakfast Foods That Help You Reduce Your High Blood Pressure: A healthy diet optimizes your health, reducing the risk of medical conditions like heart problems, as we age. As most of the heart problems are not easily cured without surgical intervention we can do the next best thing available: adapt a well-balanced, […]

Tips to Avoid Heart Diseases – Healthy Food for Healthy Heart

Diet and Exercise are two things that are well in your control which can defend you against the potential cardiovascular diseases. But maintaining a healthy diet by making a few changes can pay rich dividends and more importantly, it is way easy compared to that of exercise and also simple to stick with. So here […]

Three Simple Life Style Changes for a Healthy Heart:

According to the World Health Organization, Cardiovascular diseases are found to be the leading cause of global deaths. Particularly in India, the number of people affected by these cardiovascular diseases has been doubled from 1990 to 2016. In fact, Cardiac diseases were responsible for more deaths in India than any other non-transmissible disease, according to […]

How to Diagnose And Manage Hypertension

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure is known as a “silent disease” as signs and symptoms won’t be seen. However, this disease damages the body and may also cause heart disease. Utmost care must be taken if diagnosed with blood pressure and the patient should keep a track of its levels through checking blood […]