Heart Assist Device

Heart Assist Device

Best Exercise for a Healthy Heart

The most underrated organ in our body is the heart. It is the central part of what keeps us going – it pumps blood day in and day out, round the clock, so that the rest of your body can perform the way it is supposed to. For such an important organ, the amount of […]

HEART DISEASE – A View by Dr Gokhale

Why heart disease is important? You know how important your heart is, so it’s no wonder people worry when they hear someone has Heart problems.  Heart disease, also called cardiovascular disease, mainly affects older people and means that there are problems with the heart and blood vessels. You might know someone who has cardiovascular disease […]

Dr.Gokhale Performed a rare surgery and implanted the first heart assist device in Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Gokhale performed a rare surgery and implanted the first Heart Assist Device in Andhra Pradesh, thus saving an old heart patient’s life. The 63 year old homemaker, P.Kasturi from AS Rao Nagar received the first heart assist device, also called Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), under their new Ventricular Assist Device programme. This complicated […]