Are Heart Patients at Higher Risk of COVID 19?

Post arrival of the Pandemic COVID 19, the world is in mayhem with a deliberate battle against the deadly spreading virus. With the medical practitioners and other essential workers exhibiting undying patience, there is a renewed hope of recovery. Despite the unanticipated recession, job loss, and mental illnesses taking over, the general public has shown […]

World Heart Day 2020 – “Cardio Vascular Diseases” A Prime Concern.

Types of Heart Diseases & Treatment for Heart Diseases by Dr AGK. Gokhale The heart is the fist-sized pump that restlessly keeps the human body going. And obviously, any disease to this mighty organ can be highly detrimental to our health resulting in death when not treated as soon as possible. No wonder heart disease […]

Abnormal Heart Rhythm: Symptoms & Treatment Options – Part 2

Abnormal Heart Rhythm also called Arrhythmia is a condition where a human heart falls out its natural rhythm. This happens when electrical impulses that trigger the heartbeat falls out of order causing the heart to beat too fast or too slow in an uncoordinated manner interfering with the heart’s ability to pump blood efficiently. While […]

34 successful heart transplant in hyderabad – Dr.AGK.Gokhale

Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale is one of the best heart surgeons in India who has performed India’s first heart-kidney combined transplant. He has also achieved fame through performing heart transplant for a 69 year old person, the oldest man to undergo heart transplant in India. If you are determined to get a heart transplant […]

What are the Signs of heart attack?Is heart attack in men and women are different?

What are the Signs of heart attack?Is heart attack in men and women are different? Signs of Heart Attack:  Heart attack occurs when the smooth blood flow to the heart gets blocked. Blockage happens due to the buildup of fat, especially cholesterol and other substances that form a plaque or a form of barrier in […]