Free Heart Surgery in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Our body is a reflection of our lifestyle. The way we live, eat, sleep, and work are the crucial determinants of our health. If you want to know the condition of one’s body, the heart is the best option for that. The heart is the best reflection of our health. The healthier the heart is, the healthier will be the body. Most of the heart issues can be resolved by changing our lifestyle by working on the guidelines provided by world-renowned experts like Dr.Gokhale.

There are still some issues like heart failure that cannot be resolved just by living a healthy life. Sometimes the condition is of the heart becomes so bad that it is mandatory to resort to surgical means. But, not all can afford the heavy costs of open-heart surgery.

There is no need to worry though when there are people like Dr. Gokhale who believe in the value of serving society without getting any benefit in return. Dr. Gokhale CT associates worked tirelessly 24/7 and provided the best free open-heart surgery in India at GGH, Guntur.  Not only to the adults but they provided the service of Free heart surgery for a child in Andhra Pradesh as well till 2019.

Types of heart services provided at Dr. Gokhale CT associates

The services provided by the GGH hospital during that period  were so vast that it is really impossible to believe the wonders that this hospital has done for society.

They have services for open-heart surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and every other heart service that is required to keep your heart healthy. They also provide free lifestyle consultancy to resolve minor issues in your heart.

The experience of Dr. Gokhale CT associates is so vast that they have milestones in the field of heart surgery for adults as well as children.  They recognize the value of treating pediatric patients with more care and tenderness that’s why they have employed the best services for children in their world-class facility.

Values promoted at Dr. Gokhale CT associates

The expert team of Dr. Gokhale believes in the value of helping those who are in the need of it. The services that they provide for free actually costs lakhs in the open market, yet they don’t break a sweat in serving everyone who needs free heart surgery.

They understand the value of one’s life and know how important it is to try to the very last. Their experience is a clear reflection of that. They can treat most terminally ill patients as well. They believe that it is the duty of the doctor to save an individual’s life until the last moment. Their work is a clear reflection of the value that every breath of one’s life is very important.  They don’t believe in the rewards of the materialistic world but they believe in the reward of one’s smile. The satisfaction of serving society is way above the satisfaction of counting money.