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   Heart Transplantation in Hyderabad by Dr. Gokhale

A milestone in medical history, the heart transplantation procedure gives a new lease of life to the patient suffering from a heart failure caused by life-threatening heart conditions. When the heart of the patient is failing and it cannot be further improved using medication or surgery, heart transplantation serves as the last resort to help patients live a healthy life...

   A Complete Overview of Lung Transplantation in India By Dr Gokhale.

A lung transplant is surgical operation where diseased single or both lungs are removed and replaced with a healthy human lung from a donor. A donor is a person who is declared brain dead usually following an accident or rarely after a bleed in brain. In few cases a living donor is also used ...

   A Brief History of Heart Transplantation in India By Dr Gokhale.

Heart, the most important muscular organ in humans is located in the middle of the chest slightly to left side. Heart pumps blood through blood vessels (a network of arteries and veins referred ...