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   About Heart Valve Surgery

What are heart valves? The heart is a pump made of muscle tissue. It has four pumping chambers: two upper chambers, called atria, and two lower chambers, called ventricles. The right atrium pumps blood into the right ...

   About Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

What is coronary artery disease? Coronary artery disease is a disease of the arteries that surround the heart and supply blood to the heart muscle. When those arteries harden and become partially obstructed by atheros...

   What is endoscopic vein harvesting (EVH)?

During coronary artery bypass graft surgery, a surgeon takes a segment of a healthy blood vessel (an artery or vein) from another part of the body and uses it to create a detour or bypass around the blocked portion of...

   Do You Know?

Your heart is in the center of your chest. Your heart is not right under your skin but lies behind your breastbone, inside your rib cage, and between your lungs. The bottom of the heart is tipped to...