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Lung Transplant

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Sometimes lungs get affected with diseases like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD- related to smoking, bronchial asthma , air pollution etc.), interstitial fibrosis, Primary pulmonary hypertension. This results in the failure of lungs to allow transportation of gases-oxygen and carbondioxide through it. With this patient goes into respiratory failure –becomes breathless and often requires oxygen even at rest. Such people will not live long and their quality of life is poor. In such cases, one or two lungs can be replaced by good lungs from a brain dead donor. 10yr survival after lung transplantation is around 40%. They need to take immunosuppressant drugs lifelong.

Dr Gokhale and his team did 4 single lung transplants so far. They did the first successful lung transplant in Andhra Pradesh on 8th of September, 2012 on a 34 year old lady from Pune, Maharashtra. This lady with two small children, has been suffering for last two years from a condition called Interstitial Fibrosis- a condition in which lungs become stiff and cannot transfer oxygen into blood. She was bedridden depending on oxygen at rest. She was investigated and kept ready for transplant. On the night of 8th of September, 2012, a donor with blood group compatability became available and Ms Archana underwent right lung transplant successfully. She is recovering well, giving new hope to her and to her family (see blog for details).

Very few surgeons in India have the experience of performing successful lung transplantation.