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Heart Transplantation by Dr AGK Gokhale: Metro Train Transports Heart for Successful Transplantation in Hyderabad

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Time 4:39 pm

Location: Nagole Metro Station

A team of specialist doctors clad in their surgical attire boards a special metro train waiting for them on the platform. Amongst them is Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale carrying a medical box in which rests the reason for this nonstop emergency metro ride: a heart of the donor which has to be transported to the transplant location in Jubilee hills, as soon as possible.

The train gets its green light, picks its pace and whizzes into the inner city.

Time: 5: 08 pm,

Location: Jubilee Check Post Metro Station

The passenger-free nonstop metro train reaches the Jubilee hills metro station covering 21 km in a record time of 29 minutes on a busy Tuesday. A special ambulance was kept in stand-by at the Jubilee Hills metro station to pick-up the team of doctors and swiftly transport to the heart the Apollo Hospitals in Jubilee Hills.

And all it took for transportation is a mere half hour to get the harvested heart transported to the patient.

Heart Transplantation by Dr Gokhale & Team:

The harvested heart allocated by Jeevandan program was donated by the family of a 45-year-old farmer who was declared brain-dead only a day ago in Kamineni Hospital, LB Nagar.

Owing to the long commute which on top of it is marred by the heavy traffic, the time-sensitive heart transplant procedure needed a faster and uninterrupted means of transport and this prompted Dr Gokhale to approach Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited for their assistance. Given the heart can only sustain for few hours, the prompt and remarkable assistance provided by Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited played a central role in getting the heart transported in the right time, even a 30 minute delay could have impacted the success of heart transplantation.

Led by Padma Shri awardee Dr A.G.K Gokhale, one of top heart transplant surgeons in India, the team of heart specialists has successfully transplanted the donor heart to the patient to give him a new breath of life.

The heart transplantation procedure was a success.

All thanks to the prompt help and coordination from L&T Metro in Hyderabad, who created green corridor, organized an exclusive nonstop train for Dr Gokhale & team with minimal traffic disruption to make the harvested heart available to the terminal patient in Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills. And this success also sheds light on the importance of organ donation. The recipient who received the heart was in a critical condition with a failing heart and was on the look-out for a right match for more than two months and time was running out. If not for the decision taken by the family to donate the heart followed by the swift response of the Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited, the heart transplantation wouldn’t have been possible.

And this successful heart transplant surgery once again reiterates the adage that no good deed ever goes wasted for the world falls into place to make it happen.

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  • Metro Transports Live Heart for Transplant | Dr Gokhale
  • Metro Transports Live Heart for Transplant | Dr Gokhale
  • Metro Transports Live Heart for Transplant | Dr Gokhale
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So let us pledge for organ donation and do our part in saving lives.

You can do it here: http://jeevandan.gov.in/