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"Pedala Palita Penedi" - Dr Gokhale |Vaartha News Article Guntur Edition

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An interesting news article titled "Pedala Palita Penedi" - Dr Gokhale was published in Leading News Paper – Vaartha – Guntur Edition on November 2 2018 on the occasion of felicitation ceremony at Guntur.

On this occasion of Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale was felicitated by Tulasi Dharmacharan and Dr Kodela Shiv Prasad Rao. Drama "Guppedanta Gundelo" on Heart Transplantation was performed with support of People Academy, Amaravati, LB Arts Theatre, Guntur. Under the aid of Sahrudaya Health and Medical Educational Trust, Dr Gokhale has saved many lives of the poor patients.

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