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Aditya Hospital Inaugurated EECP Non-Invasive Heart Care Center Department with Technical collaboration with Vaso-Meditech Pvt Ltd.

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Hyderabad 21st March 2009: Aditya Hospital a renowned multispecialty hospital in Hyderabad has started a dedicated Non-Invasive heart center with Enhanced External Counterpulsation a USA FDA approved Non-Invasive treatment for patients with chest pain and poor heart function.

The Non-Invasive cardiac department with EECP was inaugurated by Andhra Pradesh State Human Rights Commission Chairman, Justice, B. Subhashan Reddy. Addressing a gathering, including some of the eminent cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons he said the EECP treatment would be of immense help to cardiac patients who have lost all hopes of surgery. Persons facing cardiac problems who cannot be treated with angioplasty and bypass
surgery would greatly benefit from treatment using EECP system, he added.

The SHRC chairperson said that he accorded topmost priority to health even from Human Rights point of view and held doctors in high regard always. The treatment and research aspects would be taken care of by the doctors, he hoped the EECP would be helpful to several cardiac patients.

Dr.D. Sheshagiri Rao Head of Department of Cardiology NIMS, delivering his message, by saying EECP would be beneficial to cardiac cases 'having no options'. Despite medical advances being made, nature puts its limitation on medical treatment. "I had sent patients to Heart Care hospital where EECP system was already installed and some of them
reported good progress. I feel this modality will help".

Dr.A.G.K.Gokhale Chief Cardiac and Transplant Surgeon Global Hospital pointed out this treatment should be reserved for patients with poor heart function who are not a candidate for interventional procedures.

Dr.V.Surya Prakasa Rao Interventional Cardiologist Global Hospitals said in the treatment of cardiac patient’s doctors had come a long way from mostly invasive procedures to minimal invasive procedures. The time has come for completely non-invasive procedures and EECP could be the best in this regard.

Dr. M. Srinivasa Rao Director Cathlab Care Hospital informed EECP treatment could be a boon for number of cardiac patients who cannot be treated with invasive procedures and could bridge the gap between different types of treatment being offered to cardiac patients.

Dr.S.Ramasamy Clinical Director of Vaso-Meditech Pvt Ltd which has launched the system in Aditya hospital said that EECP is a FDA approved treatment which is getting popular in India since it is safe and non-invasive treatment option. He added EECP treatment will be complimentary to other interventional and surgical treatment for coronary artery disease.

Aditya Group of Hospitals Chairman, Dr.T. Yadaiah, welcomed the gathering. Samskriti Business Solutions CEO, Sravan Paka, and Vice-President, S. Rahul, pointed out the EECP machine in Aditya Hospital was third in Hyderabad. Already, over 60 such machines were installed in different metros across the country and were treating the patient successfully.