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Doctors get trained in Minimally invasive heart Surgery, January 15, 2011

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January 15, 2011, Ghaziabad. Vaishali situated Pushpanjali Institute of Cardiac Sciences at Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital organized One Day Seminar on Off Pump CABG. This seminar was focused on teaching and updating Surgeons, Cardiologists & Anasesthesits, Physicians and Paramedical staffs on the current trends in cardiac surgeries.

This kind of training is also mandatory by the Medical Council as Continuing Medical Education (CME) participation. The seminar was attended by more than 50 Cardiac Surgeons in practice Cardiac Vascular Residents, Cardiologists, Anaesthetics & Paramedical staff. Through these seminars which will be focusing on one specific problem in Cardiac Surgery all attendees will update themselves on the subject.

Pushpanjali Institute of Cardiac Sciences is pleased to announce a series of monthly seminars on focused Cardiac Surgical procedures. The first seminar is scheduled for Saturday, 15 January, 2011 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital.

These teaching seminars are aimed at post-graduate students, trainees, junior consultants and interested physicians. The agenda of each seminar is listed below along with the names of the faculty.

Off Pump CABG
Dr Sudhansu Bhattacharyya,
Dr Subhash Kumar Sinha,
Dr AGK Gokhale
Aortic Stenosis
Dr Anil Patwardhan, Dr K.S. Iyer,
Dr A Sampath Kumar,
Dr Shiv Kumar Choudhary
Empyema Thoracis
Dr RK Dewan,
Dr Rajan Santosham,
Dr Bhabatosh Biswas

The message for the public is that the Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital & the Pushpanjali Institute of Cardiac Sciences will be recognized as a teaching institution and will regularly update their staff on current trends in Cardiac Surgery.

The teaching staff & faculty will be drawn from eminent and experienced teachers from among the senior surgeons in the country. The subjects chosen will focus on current problems in Cardiac Surgery. Trainees from various Post Graduate programmes around the country are invited to participate and acquire knowledge from eminent and experienced teachers in addition to acquiring CME credit hours. The Pushpanjali Institute of Cardiac Sciences seminar is planned to be held once a month for 10 months in the year. This first programme is focused on Off Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting and the faculty participating in the seminar includes Dr. Ganesh K. Mani, Dr. S. Bhattacharyya, Dr. A.G. K. Ghokhle & Dr. S.K. Sinha who will be speaking on various aspects of this subject.

The faculty of The Pushpanjali Institute of Cardiac Sciences hopes that this programme will be accepted by other Cardio Vascular programmes in the city and the country has a teaching initiative from a Private Institution.

For Any Further Information please Contact: Gaurav Pandey, 9811778998