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Sahrudaya Health

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Sahrudaya Health, Medical and Educational trust was founded by Dr. Alla Gopala krishna Gokhale with a view to rendering service to poor people crippled with heart,lung and vascular diseases.

Our Mission:

A healthy heart in everybody.


treatment of all types of heart,lung and vascular ailments

perform cardiac operations – for congenital as well as acquired heart

diseases of all age groups of the public at hospitals where the doctors affiliated to the trust are associated

perform surgery relating to lungs, blood vessesls, heart, heart–lung or lung transplantations

organize conferences, seminars, workshops and other meets of professionals engaged in the research and prevention and treatment of cardiac diseases and to make use/available the knowledge and skills of eminent personalities in this field from different parts of world

publish papers, articles, audio tapes, video tapes (CDs’ and DVDs’),relating to heart, lungs and blood vessels and do everything possible for communication of knowledge, skills and expertise in this field to persons engaged in research and treatment

give grants, subsidies or other assistance by conducting medical camps for the treatment and also arrange financial assistance or render such help as deemed necessary in the circumstances of each case have tie–up with other similar organizations having similar objectives for the fulfillment of these objects
arrange supply of medical equipment for medical institutions and supply medical and surgical treatment of patients and giving them institutional care and also to give or provide free medicine as deemed fit in the circumstances of each case
the activities of the trust and its objects will not be confined to India and can be carried outside India, subject to other approvals as required from the Government, and undertake any other activities consistent with the above objects.

For more info visit : http://www.sahrudaya.com