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Testimonials   >>   Mr Rangachary, My MICS ( Minmal Invasive cardiac surgery ) bypass surgery

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It was a day 13th August I had a mild stroke at 1.40 pm.By evening I had to rush to hosp where investigations confirmed that I am prone for Heart attack.They found it with a blood test called TROPI ( troponin ) at a multi speciality hosp in Hyderabad.Normal is 0.03 but it was 0.08 for me. Angiogram next day confirmed blocks in two arteries 90 % and 80 %. Doctors suggested a bypass surgery CABG.

Now I got in terrible situation to know full details and wanted to be in safe hands.The hospital I joined said I should go for a bypass. But my friend Aravind from USA suggested me to go for MICS ( Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery - a latest one in the recent years.)

So our search started for a well experienced and documented doctor and found Dr Gokhale's name. Further Aravind's sources in USA all suggested Dr Gokhale as one of the top specialists in conducting MICS at Yashoda Hospitals -Secunderabad.

I found Dr Gokhale's works is well known in the world as an MICS specialist.(seen in his web www.drgokhale.com )

When I met him on 16th August, he gave me confidence and removed all my fears by explaining clearly what is the state of my heart and how simple it is once he does mics surgery.Explained me the need to do it now.

I wanted to know more about CABG-MICS procedure. I understood what this procedure offers.

  • Minimum pain and blood loss
  • no ribs cutting like in open heart surgery
  • no stopping heart/lung function
  • recovery faster, just in 3 days discharged
  • No surgery marks at the chest with long cuts


Back to work in 3 weeks max

I was operated on 19th August2013.Shifted to my private room on 22nd August.My oxygen saturation levels are above 95 came back home on 23rd August in a week time I could get up and lie down by myself without any one's support.Walk to bath room and started doing spirometer breathing exercise and minimum physio exercise to stretch muscles by raising both hands against a wall.

I am writing this to benefit all wherever they are.When in a situation like mild stroke or severe, first thing is fear of life one feels.Next utter confusion what to do and where to go.

Dr Gokhale gave me all the confidence and you feel safe in the hands of a master in the field and in safe hands with lots of success stories in cardiac surgeries.His whole team of Doctors are highly qualified / experienced doctors. Dr Viswanth worked in Australia.

I suggest if MICS ( Minmal Invasive cardiac surgery ) procedure can be done

Go for it with Dr Gokhale as he has performed many surgeries with this latest technique in recent years.So he is called MICS specialist who are rare in the country with such experience.

I felt lucky to be in the hands of Dr Gokhale as he does the surgeries every day almost and you never know when he does the operation and lucky because he can tackle any complex situation arising during surgery because of his rich experience.Safer for our heart.

Dr Gokhale is a very simple person reaches out to any one and clears patients's fear and at once we feel that we got a right doctor and in safe hands.

That's the level of confidence he induces because he is a master in the field.

I am a business manager in oil-gas sector.My aim in writing this much is to tell my experience to all so it helps any one in such a fear and confusion where to go.

Dr Gokhale conducts LIVE work shops on MICs and did Heart /lung transplants even.

Moreover Yashoda Hospitals offer different packages to suit all with limited budget.


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Wishing good luck my heart felt comments on heart specialist Dr Gokhale

Wish him to create as many surgeons like him and develop new techniques to tackle complex issues during surgeries.