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Heterotopic/Piggyback-Heart-Transplant-Surgery A Successful rare operation by Dr Gokhale and Team

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Dr. A.G.K Gokhale and his team successfully saved a 57-year-old mans life by performing Piggyback Heart Transplant when the 17-year-old donor's heart was a major mismatch due to the age difference.

Heterotopic - #PiggybackHeartTransplant Performed by #DrGokhale and Team At Apollo Hospital, Jubilee hills.

#TwoHearts beating in a 56-year-old man. Once-in-a-lifetime procedure a doctor performs. This is the third time this very rare procedure has been performed in India and the first in both Telugu states.

#Advancedheartfailure with gross size mismatch between #donor and #recipient and severe #pulmonaryhypertension in recipient.Recipient was in critical condition in ICU waiting desperately for a heart and could not afford ventricular assist device..

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