Are Heart Patients at Higher Risk of COVID 19?

Post arrival of the Pandemic COVID 19, the world is in mayhem with a deliberate battle against the deadly spreading virus. With the medical practitioners and other essential workers exhibiting undying patience, there is a renewed hope of recovery.

Despite the unanticipated recession, job loss, and mental illnesses taking over, the general public has shown a considerate amount of coordination, support, and cognition towards the current situation.

Creating Awareness

Are you aware of how the virus impacts or affects one’s health or whether it truly is a fatal disease?

To answer all of your concerns and queries we have put this article together. Here we will be able to comprehend how heart disease in COVID patients can impact the individual’s fitness. We all know that COVID 19 is a contagious disease spread through the transmission of droplets while sneezing or numerous other movements.

Impacts of COVID 19

To begin with, answering the most commonly asked question  ‘what effects does COVID have?’, COVID 19 impacts the individual’s respiratory system by causing symptoms like a runny nose, cough, throat ache, diarrhoea, pneumonia, and difficulty in breathing in severe cases. Generally, persons below the age of 60 without any subsequent health issues can fight the virus with increased immunity and a young respiratory system.

Are you more likely to get infected due to your heart conditions?

No, Heart patients during COVID 19 are likely to be infected in the same aspect as any ordinary individual would. With equivalent chances of being infected, increased precautions are suggested to aid in bettering the situation for every being.

Washing your hands for 20 seconds, sanitizing every time one comes in contact with some external surface with the usage of sanitizers with over 90% of alcohol proportion, and maintaining appreciable distance publicly is essential.

Impacts of COVID 19 on heart patients

Heart Problems in COVID 19 patients undergo severe conditions with the virus developing furthermore in their body. Similar to other chronic diseases like blood pressure, respiratory diseases like asthma, the COVID 19 disease is known to complicate the patient’s health making it a deadly virus. The inability of the body’s immune system to tackle both diseases at the same time renders in cases of heart failure and untimely death.

With raised death cases caused among aged and patients with heart diseases or other chronic diseases, the heart patients during COVID 19 are exposed to higher risks as compared to ordinary people due to the incapacity of the body to fight the virus.

Let’s just say, Heart Patients and COVID 19 don’t go well together. It’s best in my opinion for individuals above 60, patients with heart problems or other chronic diseases to stay at home and away from any public contact.

Stepping out should further be accompanied by careful precautions. At the same time, intaking supplements to boost one’s immune system can help in staying healthy at all times. If at any time, a heart patient feels uneasiness, frequent chest pain, trouble with breathing, it’s recommended to seek medical care.