Blockage after Bypass Surgery

heart bypass surgery is performed on a person to improve the flow of blood to their heart. If the surgery is not performed in time, it might be too late for the person suffering from a blockage. The most commonly performed procedure by surgeons is Coronary bypass surgery. This surgery redirects the blood around the blocked or partially blocked artery in a person’s heart.

The surgeon is going to take a healthy blood vessel either from your leg, arm, or chest and connect it to the blocked arteries in your heart. The blood flow in your heart increases after a new path is created.

An important thing to keep in mind is that Coronary bypass surgery does not cure any sort of heart disease. It only helps in curing the blockages which might have been caused by them. This procedure may also help improve a person’s heart condition and reduce the risk of dying because of a heart attack.

Why is Coronary Bypass Surgery performed?

Coronary bypass surgery is one of the many treatments that a person might receive to get rid of their heart artery blockage problem. Surgeons may recommend this surgery if:

  • A person is suffering from acute chest pain because of the narrowing of arteries that leave the body with a shortage of blood. The muscles might face a shortage of blood even without any movement or exercise.
  • If a person has several diseased coronary arteries and the left ventricle which is the heart’s main pumping chamber is not functioning properly.
  • If a person has a severe artery blockage that cannot be treated by angioplasty.
  • If a person’s previous angioplasty wasn’t successful.

Blockage after a bypass surgery

After the coronary bypass surgery, people might feel much better and their life can also remain free of any symptoms for at least 10 to 15 years. However, there is a high chance of blockage after heart bypass surgery as the new graft or even the other arteries might get clogged and then this will require the person to undergo another heart bypass surgery or angioplasty.

How to avoid blockage after bypass surgery?

This can be avoided efficiently if a person takes proper medications to prevent blood clots, lower blood pressure, lower their cholesterol level and control their diabetes. Their long-term results depend on the person itself. It is also important to follow an important healthy lifestyle by following these steps:

  • The person must stop smoking.
  • They must follow a healthy diet.
  • They must be in good shape and have the right weight.
  • They must exercise regularly.
  • They must learn how to manage their stress.

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