Keyhole Heart Surgery and Treatment Procedures in Hyderabad

Every year millions of patients both young and adult, are succumbing to the cardiovascular diseases. Fortunately medical science has evolved to provide advanced and sophisticated treatment procedures to successfully treat the heart related conditions.

Not every heart condition needs a traditional open heart surgery because there are more advanced, simple procedures like minimally invasive keyhole treatment procedures which not only accelerates patient’s recovery but also shortens hospital stay.

If you have been looking for ‘keyhole heart surgery in Hyderabad’ and want to know more about keyhole surgery, its benefits over traditional open heart surgeries , then read on to know :

Traditional Open Heart Surgery Treatments:

Open heart surgery is the traditional form of heart surgery that is being performed since decades to successfully treat the heart diseases. By making a 6-8”incision in the chest area heart surgeon gains access to the heart , temporarily suspends the heart function and connects the patient to a heart-lung bypass machine which performs the functions of heart and lungs while the heart surgeon repairs the heart.

Be it to repair and replace the heat valves, implant a pacemaker, repair a damaged area of the heart, or transplant a new heart, Open Heart Surgery has been the only procedure available until minimally invasive heart surgery, also called Keyhole Surgery came to fore.

What is Keyhole Heart Surgery?

Keyhole heart surgery is an advanced surgical procedure where a keyhole sized incision of length 2 to inches is made to access the heart and perform the surgery.

Compared to traditional open heart surgery where large 6-8 inches sized incisions are made by dividing the breast bone, keyhole surgeries due to their tiny incisions between the ribs offer faster and better recovery with shorter hospital stay and lower risk of infections.

Types of Keyhole Surgeries:

Given the benefits of Keyhole surgeries, different types of heart procedures can be performed using the keyhole surgical methods which can be broadly classified into following categories:

  1. Keyhole heart valve surgeries: Minimally invasive valve replacements and repairs in the heart.
  2. Keyhole CABG Surgery: Minimally invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (MIDCABG) surgery where arteries are bypassed with new blood vessel grafts are attached to treat the condition.
  3. Keyhole Heart Bypass Heart Surgery: Minimally invasive heart surgical procedure performed without interruption to the heart while it performs its functions.

Who is suitable for Keyhole heart surgeries?

Though minimally invasive keyhole heart surgery procedure can be used to treat variety of heart conditions, the suitability of the patients for the procedures is based on the medical history and specific heart condition of the patient. If you are looking for keyhole heart surgery treatment in Telangana, renowned heart surgeon Dr. Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale can review your heart condition and help you choose the right surgical procedure for you. Being the leading heart specialist in Telangana, he is an expert in minimally invasive heart surgical procedures with an excellent track record and is here to help you: