Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) In India for Heart Failure

Coronary heart diseases are becoming common across nations and so is the rate of heart attacks and failures. Severe heart patients often search for an expert artificial heart transplant surgeon in India as this remains the only cure for the condition. Nevertheless, getting a heart donor is a matter of time and vulnerable patients may not survive or wait for a long time.

In such situations, a left ventricular assist device surgery is suggested by most experts. The left ventricular assist device is a machine that is placed in the left ventricle of your heart to facilitate the pumping of blood. It works on a damaged ventricle to pump out the oxygen-enriched blood to the aorta (artery) which further circulates the oxygenated blood to the other organs of the body.

Left ventricular assist device treatment in India has progressed a lot over years and now uses a portable and light LVAD device to be carried easily. Even if the device is to be fixed for a longer period, it won’t bother the patient much. There can be three situations when an LVAD treatment is needed for the patients.

  • An LVAD surgeon in Hyderabad would suggest an LVAD treatment when the patient has to wait for a transplant until he gets a donor. However, his heart may not withstand the failure which is why a LVAD is installed, even for several years. This is called Bridge to transplant.
  • There can be rare cases when the patient’s heart may recover after a rest period. During the resting period, an LVAD is placed to help the heart to pump out blood until the heart recovers. This is named Bridge to recovery.
  • In severe cases, when the patient can’t be treated with any surgery or medication, a permanent LVAD treatment is suggested. The left ventricular assist device is permanently placed on the patient’s ventricle for the healthy functioning of the heart. This treatment is gaining popularity as most patients have benefitted from the treatment. This is called Destination therapy.

How does the LVAD work?

LVAD has two parts. The pump is fixed in the left ventricle which is linked with a tube that takes the oxygenated blood to the aorta. The pump is connected to another cable (driveline) which goes out through the skin. This cable is attached to a connector and a power source outside the skin.

The pump works only when the driveline is in contact with a power source via the connector. The power source can be either battery or electricity. The devices can be carried conveniently in cases that come with the device. The modern LVAD devices are light-weight and easy to carry thus patients don’t feel any burden.

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