World Cancer Day Feb 04 2021 | Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad

World Cancer Day is celebrated to honor numerous men and women who have recovered and fallen to the issues related to Cancer. It is not that we have not seen any light of hope. Medical science has progressed, and we have become more united to fight against cancer. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has made us more aware and conscious about our bodies and motivated us to follow a healthy lifestyle.

The World Health Organization assumed that the number of cancer patients might rise to 13 million annually by 2030. This figure is alarming, and it is necessary to take precautions. Fortunately, researchers have not stopped experimenting and evolving medicines and medical technologies. Their consistent research and progress give us the hope to make the world cancer-free.

Worldwide, cancer is the 2nd leading reason for global death. In India, each year, around 1.1 million new cancer cases are being reported. Latest reports say 79 per 100,000 deaths in India happen due to cancer-related diseases. The number is undoubtedly frightening, and this is the high-time we become conscious and aware.

Doctors have figured two main reasons for the increased cancer rate in India. The main problem is the excessive consumption of tobacco, which is a carcinogenic element. The second one is an unhealthy diet. These two reasons have to be considered carefully to prevent or at least reduce cancer cases.

But isn’t there any solution to curing cancer? Is there any hospital or doctor who can diagnose patients with cancer? Fortunately, there are hospitals in India that are working ceaselessly to provide treatment to cancer patients. It is better to inform you here that the deadliest and prevalent cancer in India is lung cancer. Then comes breast cancer and so on. But the point is, do we know the destinations where we can go for cancer treatment?

This World Cancer Day, we should go a step ahead and know the place to visit for a cancer patient. As Hyderabad is famous for medical services, you can undoubtedly trust the treatment. Cancer treatment in Hyderabad is offered in many hospitals including the popular chain hospital, Apollo.

Out of many other cancer specialists, Dr. Gokhale is one of the most reliable doctors. He is a ‘Padma Shree’ awardee and has extensive knowledge and experience in this field. Also, he is the first doctor in Andhra Pradesh who completed lung and heart transplantation successfully.

For lung cancer treatment, Dr. Gokhale is a trusted name. Apollo hospital, being a reliable and popular medical center also provides top-class medical service. Dr. Gokhale has shined his name as an eligible lung transplant surgeon in India and proved his expertise in heart transplant surgery too.

While the world is fighting together against cancer, India has also stepped to find cures and offer treatments. Many eminent doctors are persistently working to find better cancer treatments and drugs. Dr. Gokhale is one of them who has been serving cancer patients for years. The slogan of World Cancer Day this year is, ‘Together, all our actions matter’. Thus, we must become aware, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and combinedly make the world cancer-free.