3 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain for Healthy Heart

Holidays and weight gain are closely linked with each other: weight gain often follows holidays like a clockwork more often than not. And this is why holidays are often are considered the biggest contributor of weight gain across all ages. However, this weight gain can be of different consequences for people of different ages. While kids, youngsters, and active people gradually lose this extra baggage, it could be difficult for the sedentary or elder adults.

And this COVID-19 lockdown resembles holidays in more ways than one, and they don’t seem to end too (fingers crossed). Working from the comforts of home and lack of active lifestyle (damn lockdown) and possible overindulging in your favorite savouries can result or has already resulted in a weight gain for many of us. With no possible end to this current COVID-19 scenario, it is important to take care of our weight, before it comes back to haunts us. It is even more important for heart patients who have to keep a keen eye on their weight to maintain a healthy heart.

Given that the current lockdown situation has become an extended holiday season with limited access to fitness activities, it could be tough for everyone to lose those extra pounds. So does that mean you have to wait until we weather this season to lose pounds? Not necessarily. With a few changes to our eating habits and lifestyle, we can easily get rid of the extra weight.

So here are the few simple tips you can follow during this season to maintain a healthy weight:

Controlled Portions: Research indicates that the amount of food we eat is directly proportional to the amount of food we are served i.e. more we are served more we indulge. So by already placing a limit on your portion sizes and practicing mindful eating, you get to make the most of the meal without having to eat more. This is a simple and smart way to limit the calorie intake and it works like wonders if you want to control your calorie intake.

Have Right Amounts of Protein:  Now that you have fixed your portion sizes, it is time to improve their quality by making sure they have all the necessary macronutrients you need for your daily nutrition. While Indian foods are usually carb-rich, protein generally takes a back-seat. Protein on top of being an essential macro-nutrient, keep you filled for longer times to keep you away from foods for longer times. For more help on food choice you can check out our blog article here: Tips to Avoid Heart Diseases – Healthy Food for Healthy Heart

However, heart patients who need help with meal planning are advised to take the help of a heart specialist before embarking on meal preparations.

Walk your Way & Stay Active: The lockdown has restricted the access to gym and fitness centres, but do not let that stop you from staying active. While controlled food intake can maintain your weight, the fitness activities are the ones that can help you gradually shave off the extra weight given you are consistent about them. Brisk walking or even normal walking can refresh you a get the blood flowing without much stress or strain. So put a target every day in terms of steps you walk and reach your goal daily. And remember, use a face mask and follow all precautionary measures.

By integrating the above 3 simple tips into your lifestyle, you can easily manage a healthy weight without making many sacrifices to your indulgences. However, before you make sweeping changes to your lifestyle we advise you to consult your heart specialist for help. If you are living in Hyderabad and you are worried about your weight gain, Padma Shri Awardee Dr. Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale is the best heart specialist in Hyderabad, who can help you. You can contact him here: https://www.drgokhale.com/