Respiratory Care Week 2020 – 4 Simple Ways You Can Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Oxygen is the life force that drives the human body, and breathing is what feeds this oxygen every tissue and cell.

Every breath we take goes through airways, reaches lungs which circulate it to every cell and tissue in the body with the help of blood and cardiovascular system (heart & blood vessels).  At the same time, carbon dioxide which is a waste gas reaches the lungs through which the carbon dioxide is pushed out of the airways, all one inhale and exhale.

And this why lungs are the most vital organs in human and any problem to it can have an impact on every cell and tissue in the human body causing a domino effect with entire body suffering in one way or other. But there are sure plenty of ways to keep the vital organ hale and healthy to avoid respiratory diseases and on the occasion of Respiratory Care Week 2020 we are here to give you 4 simple tips for a healthy lung. So here we go:

Guard yourself against outdoor pollution: It is estimated that you do as much harm as smoking 10 cigarettes just by breathing air if you are in Delhi and that is how dangerous pollution can be. Outdoor pollutants irritate the airways causing cough and shortness of breath and long-term exposure can also develop lung conditions and exacerbate current ones. Using air masks outdoor, air purifier indoors, avoiding exercise outdoor, embracing greenery and sticking to a healthy diet can reduce the risk of air pollution.

Avoid indoor pollutants:  Surprisingly indoor pollutants are found to a significant serious impact on the lungs, for two reasons: you are indoor 90% of the time and you get used to it without taking any measures.

Persistent exposure to indoor pollutants like paints, building and furniture materials, cleaning and coolant products can cause cough and dry throat in short term, and other lung problems like COPD, allergy and even lung cancer in long term. So we recommend you to ensure your home is well ventilated, install smoke and CO2 alarms if possible and make sure you ventilate your home after the use of paint, building materials, or any other pollutant mentioned above.

Stay active, exercise:  While the above two tips are to reduce the impact of pollution on your body exercise how you make your lungs and respiratory system strong. As you exercise your heart beats faster making your lungs work harder to deliver more oxygen and expel the carbon dioxide making it stronger in the process. Focus on staying active with regular aerobic activities like walking, jogging m running and swimming.

Get health check-ups regularly:  Both indoor and outdoor pollutants can slowly hurt our lung health and the damage can go undetected until it manifests in the form of lung problems. While you adhere to all the above tip it is also better to have regular check-ups to detect the problems and prevent any potential respiratory system diseases in their trails.

By following above 4 tips you can improve fortify your lung health and take the necessary steps towards prevention of respiratory system diseases. In case you are already experiencing breathing problems and need further help, Dr Gokhale is an experienced lung specialist and lung transplant surgeon with expertise in respiratory system disease treatments. You can contact him here: