Tips to Keep your Lungs Healthy

Most people just think of maintaining their health in the whole and would not consider much when it comes to lung health. The number of cases of lung cancer is on the rise in both men and women due to the rise in smoking habits, pollution exposure and many other issues.

Our body already has a natural defense system for lungs, designed to protect the lungs from dirt and germs. It can prevent infections which are minor. Even though there is a natural defense system, people are often prone to respiratory illnesses, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and so on. Here are few tips which can keep your lungs healthy and away from diseases.

●     Quit Smoking

Don’t Smoke. It increases the risk of lung cancer. Smoking can also cause many other diseases like Asthma, COPD etc. Smoking can also make such diseases reach its severe stage. Smoking can also cause lungs to deteriorate more rapidly

●     Breathe Deeply

Doing breath exercises can help your lung in increasing its capacity. Deep breathing helps in clearing the lungs and creates a full oxygen exchange. Deep breathing, even for a limited amount of time, can be beneficial for the lungs. This can also help you feel more relaxed and less stressed

●    Avoid pollutants

Exposure to pollutants can cause damage to your lungs. It can also accelerate aging. Avoid breathing in smoke and exposure to pollution. Avoid exercising near dust and heavy traffic. Avoid indoor pollutants by keeping your home clean from pollants, dust and mold

Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale is the director of heart and lung transplant program, senior consultant cardiothoracic and minimal access surgeon. Dr Gokhale is well experienced in handling lung or vascular problems, especially for those with advanced diseases and lung disorders. Dr. Gokhale has had the distinction of performing India’s first heart-kidney combined transplant and performing heart transplant for a 69 year old person, who is the oldest man to undergo heart transplant in India. Dr. Gokhale is well known for his social services. He has established Sahrudaya Health, Medical and Educational Trust to help poor patients to undergo treatment for heart and lung problems. This trust also educates the general public on prevention of heart problems as well. Dr Gokhale and his team performed 3 single lung transplants successfully. One was on a 34 year old lady in Andhra Pradesh in 2012. She had Interstitial Fibrosis where lungs turn stiff and becomes unable to transfer oxygen to blood. As soon as the donor with compatibility was available, the lung transplant was done successfully. She is recovering well. Very few surgeons in India have the experience of performing successful lung transplantation and Dr Gokhale is one among them!

Dr Gokhale can guide and help the patients recover from heart and lung ailments. He can also provide tips on how to protect your lungs and keep them healthy. You can reach Dr Gokhale at these numbers: 91-40-2360 7777 / 5555 / 2000