Best Exercise for a Healthy Heart

The most underrated organ in our body is the heart. It is the central part of what keeps us going – it pumps blood day in and day out, round the clock, so that the rest of your body can perform the way it is supposed to. For such an important organ, the amount of precautionary care that we give it is appalling, to say the least. Although there are countless tips for healthy heart and doctors keep talking about how it is important to maintain diet for a healthy heart and keep giving out best heart tips, one very crucial aspect of heart care is to get the best exercises for a healthy heart. We have here some tips by Dr. Gokhale, the best heart and lung transplant surgeon in Hyderabad.

What exercise helps the heart?

Circuit Training for Your Heart

  • The top tip coming from the heart transplant surgeon is to perform a lot of circuit training. As this type of training is high intensity, and keeps the blood pumping at high levels, this is a very good exercise for your heart.
  • It keeps your cardiovascular fitness at great levels, thus making you feel good about your body.
  • You need to switch between upper and lower body exercises, while keeping the resting period between exercises to a minimum.

What is the type of exercise that strengthens your heart?

Running, Jogging and Biking for Healthy Heart 

  • Another great tip that Dr Gokhale, top heart specialist recommends is to run regularly.
  • Although the benefits of running are already widely known, not many people know that a steady run can keep the heart exercised to the maximum, and will contribute to your overall fitness levels as well.
  • Running in rough terrain, like hills is more useful, as you will work out enough running up the hill to get out of breath, and then take the minimum resting period that your body needs, and then go down the hill for a leisurely, warm-down run.
  • Not to mention, the view of nature from tops of hills is simply astounding to say the least.

Which exercise is best for heart health?

Brisk Walking and Swimming for Your Heart Health

  • Brisk walking is equivalent to running for staying hale and heart healthy. It is treated as good as running with its effective impact on overall body.
  • It helps in reducing blood pressure, risk of diabetics and maintains cholesterol levels, the major three factors that cause heart disease.
  • 30 – 40 minutes of brisk walking is good for your heart health.
  • Swimming is another best exercise for heart health. It is the best choice for improving the heart health that is very soft on your joints.
  • It has the power to enhance the cardiovascular health and also bring down the cholesterol levels in the body.
  • It helps in maintaining healthy weight and healthy health.


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