Two Simple Breakfast Options for a Healthy Heart

As the human body is primed to absorb maximum nutrients after an extended fasting session in the night, breakfast becomes the most important meal of the day. And since everyone has got more time and control over preparing nutritious breakfast than any other meal in the day it becomes the best bang for buck meal of the day. By building the diet around hearty healthy breakfast, sticking to a heart-healthy diet becomes easier helping you leverage the benefits of the heart-healthy diet to the maximum effect.

So building the right heart-healthy breakfast plan is the pillar for building a heart-healthy diet plan and we are here to help you build one. Here are the two heart-healthy breakfast options you can incorporate into your diet plan:


Nothing can beat simple and classic oatmeal when it comes to a heart-healthy breakfast. Packed with protein and soluble fibers, oats are low in fat and high in antioxidants, perfectly made for an early morning energy boost. While the soluble fibers lower the levels of the bad cholesterol, the plant lignans protect from the heart diseases and due to its low-glycaemic index oats keep your stomach fuller for a longer time.

Another important benefit of oats is that they are amazingly versatile. If you are short on time you can just prepare simple oatmeal and top it off with fresh fruits or vegetables. If your stomach craves for an Indian breakfast, you can simply use them to make Oats idly or even Oats upma right away and of course, use olive oil.

Ragi Spinach Dosa:

Dosa is a staple breakfast for us Indians which makes us feel right at home. And fortunately, you can give a healthy twist to the dosa with heart-healthy spinach and ragi flour to fit in your heart-healthy breakfast menu.

Spinach (Palak) is the healthiest of green leafy vegetables that are packed with iron and calcium and fiber and a whole lot of vitamins and minerals with low calories. Especially the presence of a carotenoid called lutein to thicken the artery walls reducing the risk of heart disease. Adding ragi which is also filled with Iron, calcium, polyphenols, and fiber keeps the stomach fuller for a longer period helping weight loss. Lookup for the healthy recipe of ragi spinach dosa and don’t forget to use olive oil for cooking.

You can simply prepare healthy oatmeal if you are short of time and can resort to the ragi spinach dosa if you find yourself with ample time at hand. Either way, above two heart-healthy breakfast options, quickly replenishes the energy levels in the morning and keeps your stomach fuller for longer times to aid weight loss. Being the best bang for your buck breakfast options they delivering all the essential nutrients for a healthy heart in a simple way. So why wait? Add them to your menu right away now!

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